New Product! -- Cereal Box Bracelets Now Available!

Cereal Box Bracelet

Cereal Box Bracelet

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Individual Shopping Bag made of recycled materials

Individual Shopping Bag made of recycled materials

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Haiti Creates & the Cite Soleil Art Center (CS Art Center)

Haiti Creates products are made at the Cite Soleil Art Center.  CS Art Center is a small factory located at Cite Soleil Community School (CSCS) on the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti. 

The purpose of CS Art Center is to provide jobs that enable workers (primarily parents of the students) to support their families.  Income generated is also used to help pay for the school's operating expenses, including salaries for teachers and a daily meal program.  For more information about Haiti Creates, CS Art Center, the school, and the Cite Soleil community in which the school is located, please select the "About" tab on the left margin of this page.

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Bags were the first product release of the CS Art Factory.  Now priced at only $20 each plus shipping.  Wholesale pricing available for yoga studios.  A great gift idea for someone in your life who practices yoga and who would like to help some of the world's most materially destitute people to become financially self-sufficient and to earn a living wage.


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